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Comics RP Want Ads

Pimp it, True Believers!

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Looking for other comics RPers? Search no more.
This comm works on the same principal as the super awesome rp_want_ads (which we do not run)--it's a place to pimp for missing canonmates. However, it's often difficult to sift through advertising comms to find all the strictly-comics ads, so this is a place for comics ONLY, to narrow the pool down and make it easier for comics RPers to find each other. There are a ton of comics RPers on LJ, and we're trying to make this place the Number One, go-to-guide for finding other pretendy funtime players of funnybook characters.


• Begging and Enabling. This is a place to try to beg other comics RPers to bring their characters to your game, either because you want castmates or just would love to see them there.
• Pimping yourself. Looking for a comics RPG, for a panfandom that already has castmates, or just a game that's comics character friendly? Pimp yourself here and see who bites!
• "Does anyone play anybody from [such and such canon]?" posts. To see if you can buddy up with other players and app somewhere together.

Remember, you're searching for specific canon-mates, not just slapping up an ad spam here.


     • Do not pimp for a community as a whole. Advertising spam will be deleted without warning, especially if it has graphics or tables. Repeat attempts will eventually lead to the offending journal being banned if we get sick of deleting your spam ads. This is not a place to slap your table and graphics or even text ad, this is a place to say "I play Woman-Man at this game, and would like to see his sidekick, Girl the Boy Wonder. Anyone interested?" Personalize these suckers and ask specifically for what YOU want to see most--we're not letting this turn into another ad spammage comm. It can be more than one character that you ask for, sure, but don't go overboard.
     • Advertise for comic characters ONLY. They can be from any company, DC, Vertigo, Marvel, any of the independents, they don't have to necessarily be American comics (there's some nice Italian and Mexican comics and all), they don't even have to be superhero comics, but they must be comics, typically of the Western variety. No, manga is not included in that, especially since manga quite often crosses over that line into anime. If you'd like a comm to advertise specifically for animanga players like this one advertises for comics, MAKE ONE. Hell, we'll affiliate with you. But since we're trying to narrow down the pool and make it more likely to find other people looking for you/you're looking for, we have to actually, y'know, narrow it down.
     • Webcomics. Webcomics or newspaper comic strips are allowed. No doujinshi, though (again, manga). If you're not sure where a webcomic is on the comic-manga scale, generally if it was first published or put on the net in a language other than Japanese, it's likely safe to advertise for. We certainly won't be jerks about this--if it's a little iffy, we'll probably let it pass, but since rp_want_ads is always another great option, we're gonna try to stick to our guns here.
     • Animated shows and Live-Action. You may also advertise for animated shows and live-action shows and movies if they're based on comic characters. Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League: Unlimited, Spectacular Spider-Man, Nolanverse Batman and so on. We may, however, limit this in the future if they seem to take over. Transformers, as it started as an animated show, can only be advertised for if you want the comic incarnations. Overall, though, while cartoons and live-action are another form of media, the characters still started as comic characters for most of those shows, so they're allowed.
     • No warnings. We don't warn, we just delete posts that break the submission rules. We might comment to tell you why we're deleting, if we're feeling nice, but it's not a promise. If you feel we deleted unfairly, email us and plead your case, but there's no guarantee we'll change our minds. Again, rp_want_ads is there for your non-comic needs, and there are many other ad comms out there that let you post your tables and graphics. If posts don't fit the specific purpose of this comm, they're gone.
     • Politeness pwns all. Use common courtesy. Be polite!
     • Don't be a jerk. This is a very down-to-business comm. This isn't the place to pick a fight with someone because they're playing a character you think is stupid. We'll allow some genial discussion, certainly, but if it gets nasty, you get a boot to the face.
     • Don't spam. Excessive requests will be deleted. Try not to advertise more than once a week, unless it's for a different character or different game.
     • Don't overexpose your sparkle peen. Try not to go nuts with the sparkly text and giant letters. We'll let some of that slide, but if your post is sparkling more than a deadly head-on collision between Jem and Rainbow Brite, we'll ask you to tone it down. Your posts do not need to be outrageous (truly, truly outrageous) to be noticed.

When requesting, include:

• Community with link.
• Quick summary of the game and it's genre. (Keep it short!)
• The canon or team you're looking for characters from, and who you want to see (obviously).
• Name who you play. (Optionally: offer contact info).
• Select or add the tags of 1) the name of the comm, 2) the name of the comics company, and 3) the name of the canon/team. Please check to make sure there isn't already a tag before creating a new one.

Have an issue or question? Noticed an ad spam we missed? Spotted wank and need the mods to intervene? Email us at comicsrpwantsads@gmail.com

AFFILIATES (Look here for games that welcome comics characters).

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The Ad Comm Whose Idea We Gratuitously Stole! Like us, but for every canon instead of just comics.

Disclaimer: Just to make it abundantly clear, we are not the same fine folks that run rp_want_ads, just an affiliate that thought they had a great idea.
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