May 17th, 2012

Angie: Fractured

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Setting: MDC mdc_multiverse

Description: There were two Brothers who reprisented all there was in the DC and Marvel universes. Once two split halves of the same entity they finally rejoined; becoming one. When they did this, their two multiverses also became one creating a place where the Heroes, Villains, and ordinary people of both places coexist with each other and in some instances even followed the example the Brothers had set. Becoming one new entity.

Looking for: I'd love to see some members of The Authority here! Jack or Swift or Midnighter or Apollo would be great! Also, anyone who's willing to play my Characters Amalgam Uncle (James Irons/War Steel). We have a really small group right now though so any Marvel/DC/Vertigo/Whatever characters you'd want to play are probably available. We take Animated and Movie character variations as well so whatever your comfort zone is it's fine!

Who I play: Cir-El (cir_el), Iron Maiden (maidofiron), Oracle (oracle_online)

Contact info:
AIM: Masartham